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Wine Down Wednesday

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

To break up the monotony of our daily routine, Rachel and I are always looking for a new chill place to go enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of craft brew in, so yesterday we jammed over to the MidTown Wine Bar to check out an event called Wine Down Wednesday.

First of all, I'll admit that we walked in and completely underestimated the amount of people that attended this particular event. It was packed, loud, but super fun and exciting!

AMAZING band Dominator & Friends

At the foundation of the wine bar's warm and inviting atmosphere was modern, earthy decor, clean and tasteful seating, respectable patrons, and at least for this evening, a REALLY great ukulele led trio called Dominator & Friends... please do yourself a favor and check them out! Sadly they didn't have any albums for sale, but I'd have bought them all if they had! Really great energy and they played several styles of music from what seemed (to my limited Ukulele knowledge) to be original songs and covers ranging from the Beatles to Guns n' Roses. This band is a great one to have entertaining attendees at your next event for sure!

We walked in and were immediately greeted by members of Crystal Basin Cellars, a winery in the El Dorado Hills just east of Placerville, CA. They handed us FREE raffle tickets to win a trip for two to a huge wine tasting event in April called Passport. An event that we are already attending this year for the second year, however the raffle included two VIP tickets, a night in the historic Cary House hotel, and a basket of El Dorado wines! So needless to say, we were crossing our fingers to win!

Since Wine Down Wednesday was well promoted on social media, by the wine bar and the Biggest Little Fashion Truck there were people in every nook and cranny of the bar, which is quite large as it is. Still, without much trouble we did find seating right at the bar and began digesting the details of their wine and beer selection on the chalkboard above us. The variety was wide and the taps and bottles were displayed in a fun and creative up front sort of way. The walls were adorned by wines from various vineyards, and our eyes enjoyed the experience just as much as our palette did the taste and our ears the music.

Rachel ordered a glass of the Cocobon Red Blend

and I got a pint of Reno Local craft brewery Alibi Ale Works' Alibi IPA.

The bartenders were all very friendly and nice, and I must say that although it was EXTREMELY busy, the wine bar employees all kept smiles on their faces while wiping hard earned sweat from their brows, and they kept the bar clean and ready to pour.

Couple chatting at the MidTown Wine Bar in Reno, NV

All in all it was a very pleasant experience. The people at the event were all incredibly nice and respectful. Even though it was almost shoulder to shoulder at times, the next most popular sound in the room between bouts of laughter and cheers and music was the constant uttering of phrases such as "pardon me", or "I am so sorry for bumping you". The comradery in the MidTown Wine Bar was infectious, and we left with a fun and lightened sense of being. Definitely glad to have gone and checked it out. We didn't get a chance to browse the selection of clothing by the Biggest Little Fashion truck, but they had a really great setup and we do wish we had squeezed by to take a look.

We didn't win the raffle either, but we certainly walked away knowing that the lady who did win was super happy. We had never been to the Wine Bar before, but we will be back for sure. Cheers to finding fun places to visit in Reno, and cheers to you!

Dominator & Friends raising a glass to the packed house!

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