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Podcast Room Rental

1-2 person podcast room with microphones on arms or stands, custom LED lighting, 3D wall panels.

*Audio Editing, Additional Cameras, and Video Editing available for additional costs
*Social Media Teasers, Intros, and Advert
isements available for additional costs

Select a package below, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page for a custom quote!



Main Studio Podcast Rental

For Up to 4 people in one of our main studio rooms on either our white seamless curved wall, black infinite space, living room set, back alley set, news set, or a custom set design can be discussed.

* Additional Cameras, Camera Operators, and In Depth Video Editing available for additional costs
* Social Media Teasers, Intros, and Advertisements available for additional costs

Talk Show Production

Current sets are: white seamless curved cyc wall, black infinite space, living room, back alley brewpub, newsroom set.

The talk show package includes:

- Up To 5 Cameras With Up To 3 Operators

- Fully Edited Episode

- Animated Logo Reveal

- Social Media Clips / Reels - Custom Show Branding Graphics

- Studio Photos Each Episode

*Custom Set Design Available

*Marketing and Promotion Available

** Animated Series Intro Included With Multiple Episode Agreement ($4500 Value)