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Video Shoot




ALL 3 FOR $2,400

Video content is the most popular, vital marketing tool to date. So the question is, how do you break through the flood of advertising to make sure your target audience finds out about YOUR business?


Videos can cut through the clutter and get your message across in just a few minutes, making them extremely efficient mediums for brands to communicate with their customers. Videos also allow you to provide your audience with relevant content while keeping viewers engaged for longer periods of time.


You can tell more about your business, product, or service using videos in a much faster way than text-based posts.



Testimonials are an excellent way for business owners to increase their brand awareness on social media or their website.


Our resulting testimonial videos will increase your sales and gain more trust and engagement from your viewers, leading to higher conversions.

This will give more exposure to your product and give more credibility and authenticity by displaying your product features and benefits for customers.

Instead of providing lengthy text or getting details on your products through plain written content, you can use videos to hook your customers right from the start.

Individual Price: $600
1 Hour On Location

Individual Price: $1,200
1-2 Hours On Location


It's a way to make your company standout from the crowd, and start earning the trust of your customers.


This is about your business, but it's also about you and any dedicated employees that are the backbone of your company. This video is an opportunity to put a face to your brand.

Individual Price: $1,800
2-3 Hours On Location

For details feel free to reach us at any time by making a call or dropping your contact info in the form below. 
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