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To Photo Or Not To... Photo

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Have you ever wondered why people take photography so serious? Or rather, why people are completely obsessed with photos? The reason is simple... well sort of.

The act of preserving moments in time, captured by some voodoo science described as "painting with light" has always mystified me. When I was young, my siblings and I used to watching my mother take photos with an old Polaroid 600. We'd smile for her, let the photo come out of the camera, and giggle as our faces magically appeared on the film

after a few seconds. Through my excitement with each image, my love of photography grew.

As we got older, those days of smiling for the Polaroid faded from my immediate focus, yet every time I see a photo from my childhood my brain synapses light up like Christmas and bring back ALL of my feels and memories from back then.

It is no surprise that we can become teary eyed from reminiscing old times through photos, after all... the days of our past are usually incredibly meaningful to us personally. With the unique access to the past that photography brings us, it becomes obvious to see how preserving our memories is important. I would almost venture out to say that it is paramount that we capture our memories, not only reminisce on, but also to share with our children, family, and friends later in life.

What once was lost, now is found...

While all photography is important, I strongly feel that professional photography provides an even more in depth view to who you are, or were... depending on where in time you are looking back from :) Photos captured and edited by someone adept in photography can bring SO much pleasure to your soul later in life. Proper composition, lighting, and editing can truly bring out the best image of us, not to mention increased resolution and color quality from the big cameras.

I personally take TONS of photos with my cell phone, most of which are uselessly forgotten about through phone updates or buried in years and years of google photos storage. However, the photos that I print and hang on walls, are usually ones that I've hired a professional photographer to capture of my family.

Not to say that I don't attempt to take my own family photos, ones I've attempted to capture myself with my professional equipment and editing software... however even for a photography guru this can be challenging. We'll save that thought for another article another day.

"In this digital age, we have a potential to save gazillions of our memories to hard drives and cloud storage, and social media accounts. Though most are soon forgotten and laid to rest along with the memories themselves."

Professional photography gives us not only motivation to preserve the photos through print, but also provides us with an extra special view of a moment you may want to freeze in time. Don't let your memories fade away.

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