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Updated: May 14, 2020

We understand that you are BUSY. You’re running a business! And that takes up 95% of your brain power day in and day out… trust me we get it. So we decided to put together a partnership program that will allow us take care of your content needs while you stay focused on what you need to focus on. Think of Dreampilot Films as more of an in-house department/extension of your company, where you’re the boss and we work together to bring more business your way. The best news of all… we’re going to save you on costs at the same time!

Our standard rate for photography and video production is $250 per hour, and that includes the cameras & equipment, lighting, audio capture, and crew, as well as editing for our photography. However, more partnerships mean less time we have to spend looking for work, and we appreciate that! So we’ve discounted our hourly rate to something that jives more with a budget for companies that rely on content marketing to find their customers. On top of that, we are offering FREE unlimited revisions for video productions as well! That my friends is a huge benefit to you, and something not often heard of in this industry. All we ask for is a commitment to assign us on monthly projects based on the package you decide is right for your marketing needs, and we become your in-house media and content creation team!

The Nitty Gritty

Here is an example of a monthly package that we worked up for one of our partners. They found it maximizes their marketing efforts if they do one photo shoot and one commercial / social media video ad per month. From a production standpoint, here is what goes into a shoot like this.

Photo Shoot

We do their typical photo shoots in a studio or at location of their choice. We set up all of our equipment and lighting, design the set or backgrounds for their photos, direct the shot composition and posing of the people/products in the shot which typically takes about an hour. Then we shoot several takes and tweak things to make it perfect and nail the shots for the final delivery. A typical shoot for product or business marketing photography takes about two hours. Without the partnership program this would cost $500, which is honestly still a pretty good deal for two hours of shooting with editing included.

Video Shoot

Their video shoots are often set in their office, though occasionally we do them in our studio when we create product videos for their online store. However, for video we’ll need to determine how many speakers will be talking, and what the content being shot will consist of. If spokespeople or testimonials are being filmed to tell consumers the value in their company, and how their products or services benefit people, I would say it takes about an hour to set up our equipment which usually include something like:

  • Designing the background or set on location

  • 2-3 professional 4k cinema cameras

  • One camera on a motorized slider to add slick production value

  • Professional microphones and audio capture

  • Professional Lighting

  • Props (products, foods, examples of their services, etc.)

Then comes the actual shooting. We film testimonials, any product shots, and any b-roll or additional footage of the location to supplement what the speakers are saying.

For instance, if an athlete spoke about how the quality nutrients he eats during his breakfast gives him the energy for 20 pull-ups, then we’d shoot him doing a few pull ups as well as some additional angles that show his muscle pumps.

Another example is say a video for a coffee shop, we’d probably film your building and sign outside to show your location, your energetic employees smiling and greeting customers, and some shots of your patrons enjoying warm cups of joe to give your coffee shop authority as to why consumers should listen to the message.

Video editing is not included in the filming rate due to the volume of options there are in post processing. Some things we can do:

  • Create a video intro or logo that will show your brand to the viewers

  • Search for a nice piece of music that will accentuate the feel you are going for

  • Add in titles to show who is talking

  • Any text that you want to include in the video

  • An outtro that typically delivers the final bit of info you want the viewer to know like a special or discount, program information, and/or your contact info.

Since we watch the duration of the footage shot several times during editing, we usually calculate 2 hours for every one hour of footage we capture. So, for the above example (with something around 3 hours captured, or 1 hour per camera) we’d quote 6 hours of editing to get the video to where we feel it delivers your message nicely. Any revisions after that is added to the bill hourly at $100 per hour.

Without our partnership program this video would cost approximately $750 to shoot, and $600 in post processing for a total of $1350 plus any revisions after the first draft. If there were 3 hours in revisions (@ $50 per hour), the grand total would be $1500 for the video.

Taking a breath…

In the above situation, one photo shoot and one video could cost a non-partner around $2,000 to complete, and that is a notable chunk of change for creating content. Then if you did it consistently... you get the picture.

However, if you were to partner with us where we can count you every month for creating content for your brand, rates would be dropped to $200 for shooting and $50 for video editing, PLUS we include FREE and UNLIMITED revisions as well as access to a wealth of knowledge in several industries related to brand awareness, sales, and marketing.

As a partner, we also work alongside with your existing team. If your graphic designers require a photo or video to be scaled to a certain dimension, or colored differently to match something else they’re working on, we would do those revisions at no cost to you and send directly to the designer, web developer, or whomever you need us to, even if it’ a year after we release the original content! This allows you to stay focused on running you actual business, and not worry as much about the content that WE will be there to take care of. We’d essentially become a member of your team, and we’d work with the rest of your team to make this all seamless for you.

In the above example, if we signed this deal for your business $1300 per month, we would shoot and edit a video ad or commercial for you every single month with around four hours on location, one (two hour) photo shoot per month, AND include unlimited editing and revisions. Zero additional fees or charges. All of the colors from this and future projects would match your brand, we would build a relationship with your current design or web team and soon enough you'd have a fully automated content machine that gets you around 40 high quality photos and a commercial or social media ad every month!

Let us know if you have any questions about our partnership program. This is all fully customizable to fit your needs. We have packages as low as $200 a month available! As I mentioned, we have that wealth of knowledge plus our other services we offer such as graphic design, web design, printing, marketing, and sales if ever needed. I look forward to hearing from you, and if you have any questions at all just reach out.

We are here to make this EASY for you to get the quality you need to stand out and grow your brand!

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